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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Unknown

Today was supposed to be my first day on the job (that the Lord has called me to do)... teaching the Bible to Christian Bhutanese, but come to find out this is not what happened today. Don't get me wrong I am totally fine with it... I know the Lord called me to do this and it is new to the Bhutanese and will get some gettin' use too. The Lord has been teaching me quite a few things lately... waiting on Him, being patient, having faith, and being flexible. None of these things do I like, but I am sure that is why He chose them for me. So today when the ladies did not show up... I was a bit disappointed (I am not going to lie), but later I realized (something else the Lord is teaching me) just because He has called me to something doesn't mean it is going to be what I think it should look like... it maybe something totally out of my comfort zone (which I am sure it is). I am not going to mention what I think it is until He shows me or gives me that oppurtunity. Anywho... While we were on our way to the car to leave... I remembered I needed to take this book What to Expect when Expecting to a young lady, who is expecting. I promised this book to her about 2 months ago and just now I am getting around to getting it to her. I know... I rock at being a friend! :o) Well of course there was probably a reason for all of this... she invited me in (which I was not planning on staying long) and she began to share with me about her problems. On top of all that is going on in her and her husband's lives... she is expecting her baby in 1 WEEK and she has NOTHING!! I know all you girls are gasping! But, most of all that just tugs at my heart is that she is scared... this is not like any first time mommy scared... it is a scared that I am a first time mom, I am having my baby in a different country that I am unfamiliar with, I have no idea if I should have this baby naturally or use drugs, my mom is not hear to help me, no mother-in-law to help me, my husband works nights what if I go into labor while he is gone, we have no car, etc. etc. etc...
I can tell you FOR SURE she will be in my prayers. And the most important reason she will be in my prayers is because she is not a believer... I want to say they are Hindu, but what do I know, but still no matter what little god she worships it is not the One True God and because of this she has so many worries. Yes, you could probably argue with me about the whole problem/worries thing that no matter what god(s) she worships there would still be those problems and that is true, but it is all about how you handle it... give it to the ture God or the man made god? I see these same problems this young lady is having in Christian homes, but in the Christian homes their is not all this doom and gloom... there is light in their faces, there is hope and faith that the Lord has got this in their lives. My sweet new friend needs this... she needs the Lord... and I know He desires her and her husband as well. She is going to be covered in prayer and I pray they go up to my Father as sweet enscense and that He would save her.