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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Can You Imagine?

After leaving the apartments where the Bhutanese live I am always left pondering my life, thinking of them, and consumed by my thoughts. Today I am thinking about a sweet family that is fairly new and how they are on my heart often. I found out today after asking a lot of questions what is going on with this family... my first question was "Are they going to start English classes?" Then I found out 3 out of the 6 have disabilities... 2 are deaf and 1 is mentally disabled. I was shocked, but then things began to make sense. The 2 brothers are fine, but one is in school, so that would mean there would be 1 person working out of a family of 6. Thankfully the sister and sister-in-law have a trade... they crochet and sew. The sister-in-law, who I care very much about, is very talented! After much thought and translation I took her to Michaels (a craft store) to buy some yarn for her to keep herself busy. I am now very anxious to see what she does with this new yarn. But as we were on our way back to the apartments from Michaels I began to think what if this was me...

What if I was deaf and sent to live in an unfamiliar place and no one spoke my language except for those who live in the apartments?
What about the outside world? Scary!
What if I was expecting a baby for the first time?
What if I was sent to this country without my own mom or sisters or brothers?
What if I had nothing to do and had no where to figure out something to do?
What if the food, housing, washing clothes and everything was so different from what you have known all your life?
Everything now... here... costs so much!
Just what if this was you??

My heart breaks for my new friends right now. I know they will adjust, but still this is what I think about right now.

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