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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beautiful Sister

Here is my beautiful sister, Harka, she is new to America and she is expecting her first baby in about 4 to 5 months. She has moved here with her husband and her husband's family. On top of expecting her first baby in a werid country... she can not hear or speak English. Personally...I would be freaking out!! But she is very pleasant, very sweet, and she will be an amazing mother. Even though I can not communicate with Harka as I would like I still have this pull to her and her family... they are believers in the same Jesus Christ as me and he died for her just as He did for me. So now we are family and I love her like my sister.

In this picture Harka is sitting by her 1921 Singer sewing machine that was given to Margie just for her. Before coming to America Harka took a 6 week sewing class and she knows how to work this "old" machine. For the longest time it was sitting in the corner because it was not working correctly, but thank the Lord someone knew how to fix these "old" machines and it now works like new! So, today after her showing me how it worked properly now I took her to Joanne's Fabric and she bought some fabric to keep her busy for a bit. :o) She also crochets beautifully and I hope to get picture of her work very soon and maybe... just maybe it will catch your eye and you may want to buy something from her. :o)

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Why all Essential Oils are not created equal. said...

This is a beautiful story, Sterling. Thank you so much for sharing.