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Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 Different Boxes

I have 2 different boxes to talk about...

I have found out more about this Bible study I will be doing with the Bhutanese. It will be an inductive Bible study and we will go through the New Testament... one chapter at a time. Have you heard of Faith Comes by Hearing? If you haven't, it is these little Proclaimer boxes that are filled with the very Word of God in whatever language you need it in. This little box can run on solar power, or can be cranked, or can run by electricity... it is the niftiest little box. This little box I have speaks the entire New Testament in Nepali, so no matter what person is listening (English speaking or not) they will hear the very Word of God in their heart language. This Bible study will be beginning June 21! I am excited and nervous all at once. :o)

My heart aches for my new Bhutanese friends, who are Hindu, Tamang Buddhist/Buddhist (same, same, but different)... they worship gods that can and are not this loving One true God. They all have so much hurt and feel so uneasy and feel no worth. They don't know the Lord, who is the everlasting God and the Creator that created the ends of the earth, they don't know this over powering strength that only He, who does not become tired or weary, can give us. The One who promises us if we find hope in the Lord our strength will be renewed. They don't know this God. All they know are these empty idols... man-made idols that sit in boxes. I pray through this Bible study that God leads that many unbelievers in Christ will come and listen and that the Holy Spirit will consume them and penetrate their hearts like a double edged sword.

May He be glorified!!

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Sharon said...

Thank God for your caring heart!