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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Changing

Today was AMAZING!!! God is up to some BIG things with Loaves & Fishes and in the apartment complex we love and try to bring glory to our Father. Today, there was word out that a family wanted to become followers of Christ, but then came to find out they are investigating Christianity. Margie (founder of Loaves & Fishes) gave the lady a New Testament Bible written in English and Nepali. Margie showed her places to read... now praying the Lord will bring her Spirit alive through the Gospel. While Margie was sharing her testimony... a lady (Hindu) who I have been building a relationship with for the past month or so was sitting there listening to Margie and her testimony and learning a little more about this Jesus. I know she is searching and wondering because she did not leave... she sat there and listened.

I have another friend (a Hindu) who I have come to love very much... came to visit and I truly felt something was not right with her today. I don't know what wasn't right, but I pray when I begin the Bible study with these beautiful Christian and hopefully Hindus that she will come and learn more about this Jesus. I pray she will come to know her Savior and her worth.

Oh yea... I forgot to tell you all... I will be beginning a Bible study pretty soon in the apartment complex where these women live. I will be doing studies straight out of the very Word of God and pray this will be life changing for all and bring the Bible alive to those who have been Christians for a while. My One true God is up to some amazing things and I am at awe that He has chosen me to ride along side of Him through this adventure!

Then my day ended on a sad and happy note... Margie and I went to visit a family in another apartment complex today. The mom of this family has 6 children (3 who are at school)... the mom also gets beat by her husband and he drinks away their money. So while we were in her home and watching the kids play with their new dolls that we brought Margie went "snooping" around the apartment. *On a side note... the mom does not speak English so there is no way to communicate with her and her needs unless someone goes on a snooping mission.* Margie makes her rounds and goes all through the house and the kitchen... she tells me that the family has NO food! Can you even imagine? Not being able to buy food because you have no money and no car and then having to walk with all 6 kids to the store, which is not close by? Margie and I made the decision that we were going to run to the store for her and buy her and her family food. Off we went.... we bought a BIG bag of rice (maybe 20 lb bag), apples, bananas, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, 2 bags of (hot) Indian chips, a big jug of water, tea, yummy sweet for the kids, milk, etc. We then took it to her and she had this smile that I will never ever forget... I think she was shocked and surprised. She couldn't speak a lick of English, but she didn't have too... it was written all over her face. I was in tears when we left the apartment and as I type this I am in tears again. What an awesome day to Praise the Lord!! He provide for this family by using us and our visit and I pray they will come to know Him and be able to thank Him for what He did. 

I will never praise any other name except, Jesus!


Julie P. said...

Love this Sterling! You truly are the hands and feet of Jesus!!

The Paradis Family said...

I love you and your servants heart, sweet friend!