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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growing Closer by "7"

Hello Friends. Remember me? The Lord has been up to some crazy stuff over here with me. I have begun working with a ministry called Loaves & Fishes. This ministry serves and loves on Bhutanese Refugees. I knew the Lord was calling me to this ministry and as soon as I got home from India I got in touch with Margie Mom and I have been helping her ever since... I love me some Indians! On top of all this wonderfulness going on... the Lord has lead me to a book called 7 by Jen Hatmaker. It is about her journey of fasting from our over privileged and blessed lives here in America. Fasting from food, clothes, technology, etc. I am only on chapter 2 and I am learning as I go... about all she is fasting from. I will fill you in on it all as it comes.

So, today was the beginning of fasting from all foods, but 7. A good friend of mine, Christi will be doing this right a long side of me. I am praying we both experience God in a new and fresh way by removing the junk we put in our mouth and focus more on Him.

Here is my list of 7 foods I will be eating for the entire month of March:


(I know there are 8, but don't judge) ;o)

It also comes to mind that I will be losing weight as well by eating nothing but these 7 foods, but this is not a diet! This experiment is only to seek the face of God, to be consumed by Him, overwhelmed by Him, and learn more of His character.