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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Hope for a Slum Village

The New Hope School is the place we visited our first 2 days in Kolkata. No words could ever come close to describing what this school is all about or how God is working there. The school is in the middle of a slum village that practices Hinduism and these two people below were called to change this village for God's glory. They both have faith I have never experienced... faith that God will provide for it all. They both are very smart and have gone to school for different career paths then they are leading now. Pastor Rudra was an Engineer and has his Masters and Mita has just finished Law school. They have given up their worldly lives and worldly success to follow the One who truly only matters. They both have envisioned this school and that the Lord will overcome this village with all His authority and love. This is who and what these to wonderful people are about... I have been changed because of their story of faithfulness and I pray to have faith like them. I was privileged to serve along side of them as we helped them these 2 days. May the Lord bless Pastor Rudra and Mita. May His face shine upon them and bring them much peace.

Pastor Rudra and his wife, Mita, who is the teacher of the school.

Walking through the village.

Walking through the village.

Here are some of the kids greeting us as we walked down the road of their village. It was so awesome to be greeted with smiles and laughter.

I know this is not the best picture of the school sign, but get the idea. All by faith in God's plan and His guidance.

This is how they do school with the morning group. They sit in rows and do their work on the floor. They are happy little kids and so happy for what they have... and these kids don't have much, but they soak up in anything and everything you show them and teach them. Lord bless these kids and may they all come to know You.

These kids did so awesome taking the paper off the back of these stickers. They did it all pretty much on their own... some did need help but they were determined to do it on their own. They loved all the different stickers and soaked it all up.

Here is Lauren, one of our teen girls that came with her mom.

Working on writing.

Praise and worship time during chapel.

Here is my knew DeeDee (big sister), Jill, who telling the Bible story on David and Goliath. Jill was so awesome and she blessed Pastor Rudra and Mita by sharing ways to help the kids better.

One of the kids praying the Lord's Prayer. Everyday they prayer the Lord's Prayer... complete reverence to His holiness.

Working hard on coloring a sheet talking about washing hands to keep germs away.

My DeeDee, Brenda watching these kids and loving them.

Working to hard! She was a great colorer!

Here they are reviewing a Bible verse we taught them... "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

This was one of the two crafts we had for them to do. No one complained about what color they got... they just were so grateful to get a hat to decorate and keep for their very own.

They were all so proud of these hats.

Aren't they so cute?

Our driver, Shavik (I probably messed up is name bad), he was a huge blessing to us. He was an awesome driver, translated a bit for us, bought henna for us (an got a deal), we felt so safe with him, he walked us to our destinations, and protected us in unsafe places. May God bless Shavik and his beautiful family.

The New Hope school has also begun a program for the women of the village, a sewing trade. Here in this picture Mita is sitting with a few women (more came later) and sharing a story about God. I am not sure what she was saying, but I can be sure it was to bring our Savior glory.

Here a beautiful Indian women who is working on her lines and learning.

This young lady in this picture is 19 years old and not married yet, but I believe God has big things in store. Another reason Pastor Rudra and Mita started this sewing school was 1. teach them a trade and to make their own money (eventually) but, 2. To teach them the Truth because once the wife of the house learns about Jesus' love then she will teach her kids and live it out to be an example for her husband and then by God's grace the husband may come to know his Savior as well.

Aren't these ladies beautiful? The lady on the left was very happy and full of smiles and laughter. She was the life of the group and very talkative.

This was day 2 and the craft for this day was making pillows. These pillows were fleece and had a rainbow pattern to help them remember the the promise of the Lord that He would never flood the earth again. They loved that this was made by their own two hands and that they got to take this home and keep.

Everyday we were there they had a dance for us. This day they had a swing dance prepared for us. We were so impressed!

Aren't they cute?

This young man (whose name I can not remember... no matter if a name is in another language or not I can never remember names. This is something I need to work on) in this picture is one of two of the teacher's helpers and he is a blessing. He does not get paid for helping at the school, but he is a follower of Jesus Christ. His parents give him a hard time at home because they want him to work and make money and forget about his Jesus, but he continues to stay faithful. This is one of Pastor Rudra's disciples.

Here Barb is working with the kids with the folder games. These kids could not get enough... they wanted more and more...

We were supposed to visit the village again and show the Jesus Film in the school for all who wanted to come and see it, but God had different plans. When we arrived they tested the film and it was not working correctly. So our team leader, Kay kept trying. We prayed and had so many others praying for this Jesus Film and asked to Lord to give us clarity and wisdom on what we should do. The morning of the day we were going to show it Kay called Pastor Rudra and shared the problem we were having and he made the call to cancel the showing of the Jesus Film. We believe the timing was just not right... maybe the field is just not ready for harvesting yet, but I believe with everything in me that God has great things planned for this village and the school. I can't wait to hear and see the great mighty works the Lord will do. Until I return I will be praying for all His glory and might to shine through strongly.

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