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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home from my 2nd Home

I am home! My team and I got home this morning from our time in India. It was a lot of traveling... I think about 40 hours with layovers and all. But God sure did put an amazing bunch of women together. We all had our special gifts to touch every life we came into contact with in India. Our Father was most gracious to us.

I will be blogging about each day, but I can't right now because I AM SO TIRED! But, I do want to share of God's faithfulness. We met some men and women, who have given up their lives to follow in the footsteps of their Lord and Savior. Their faith is so strong that when they hear from the Lord that they know that is the way they should go and no other way. Faith that they fast for days and days because they know what the Lord had asked of them, but they have not had their needs met. So they fast for the few needs they need to make what God has called them to do to come to life. This faith I do not know because I am privileged to live where the poor are wealthy compared to the poor in Kolkata. I pray I will have faith like the men and women I met who seek the Lord whole heartedly.

The Lord was good to us while we were gone... we were safe, we did not get sick, we were all consumed by the Holy Spirit, I shared (all of) my testimony for the first time, etc. The trip was awesome and has opened my eyes to His greatness!


Christi Brown said...

I cannot wait to sit down in your living room and hear all about it! Love you so much!

Ellen said...

So glad you had an amazing, Christ filled trip! I look forward to reading about it!