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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These girls may have had a bad start to their life, but they now have a Destiny! This is not a home, but a place girls come to work and it is called Destiny... fitting name, huh? Here they have the oppurtunity to make money for themselves and their families, to get benefits, and also a way to help them fill good about themselves. We all fill good about ourselves after a good hard days work... right?

Sorry the pictures are so tiny... I don't know what is goin' on. :o)

Here is one of the ladies, who runs Destiny. She is standing in front of some of the finished products that the girls have made.

This is a picture of some of the ladies getting a manicure done.

This picture is some of the ladies getting a pedicure.

Cleaning, massaging, and painting finger nail and toe nails was what we were about for a week and a half. :o)

The finished product!

The girls may of thought we were a little crazy, but thats alright. All we cared about was that we were loving on them, that they felt our love for them, and that we brought glory to our Father in heaven.

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