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Monday, January 16, 2012

150+ Blessings

Our second day of serving was spent at the New Hope school (in the morning) and then we traveled to our first after care home (in the afternoon), which we will call SunnySide. We knew that this home was going to have the most girls (150+ girls), but we were ready to love on them. When we got to the SunnySide we were a little early and they were still in class, so we were shown around a bit and got to see where they do their work... some of the girls sew and some stamp. Then we were taken to a room where they kept all their merchandise to shop. Oh yea... 13 women shopping can be dangerous. LOL! I believe we all bought something from SunnySide. When the girls were done with school they all met us out in the courtyard and we were over run by girls ranging in the age of 9 years to 18 years. All these girls had different stories... some were trafficking victims, some were taken from their families because they were not safe there and they had a very high possibility they would be trafficked, and some where in the after care home because they were orphaned or unwanted by their families. All very sad, but these girls had joy and a hopeful future.

Once they came out we began to play games with them. One of the games was musical felt squares. LOL! Instead of musical chairs we put 150 felt squares on the ground and they were to walk around the circle while music played (and we would remove a couple squares) and when the music stopped they were to jump on a square. Well... the instructions given to them was some where lost through translation. LOL! The girls were hopping around from felt square to felt square and some of them would hop from their square to their friends square and then back to their square... it was so very confusing, so we stopped the game. LOL! Then we split the girls up and half of them played a cotton ball spoon game (I don't know the official name of the game)... everyone lines up in 4 equal lines and everyone has a spoon, then the first person in the line gets a cotton ball on her spoon and passes it quickly and smoothly to the person behind her without the cotton ball falling on the ground. The other half play a princess relay game. There were 4 equal lines and the girl in the front had to run and dress up with all the princess gear (heart glasses, headband wig, tiara, and wand) and then run back to the next person in line and take it all off for the next person to put it all on. That was a great game!

I forgot to mention that there were also kids (3-5 years old) there... children to the girls that lived at SunnySide. As we were setting up the princess relay game they were wanting to play and all the girls were telling them to go away. These kids wanted to play so bad. Truthfully we had no idea there was going to be this many children... there was about 8 kids. So Janet and I took these little rascals and played Duck Duck Goose (which we had to explain without a translator) with them and then we played the cotton ball spoon game with them as well. They loved having their own special games. :o) But, wow did I wish like the entire trip I could speak Bengali.

After the games we came back to the middle of the courtyard and all sat smushed and cross legged under these paved pavilion and watched some girls dance. It was so great to watch them dance and laugh and just be giggly girls. After the dancing we all continued to be close and "cozy" to here Barbara share her testimony. It was good and some girls came up to her later and thanked her for sharing her story. Then it was time to do a craft... my wonderful friend, Brenda came up with this really cute hair barrettes to make with the girls. Each girl got a metal hair barrette and 2 ribbons and then they weaved them through the middle of the barrette to make a braid type thing. It might sound easy with me explaining it if you have a clue what I am talking about, but when you have 13 to 15 girls in your group and we can't understand eachother except when they say "Auntie" (that is what they call someone older than them... like a teacher) it gets a little frazzling. On top of the communication barrier and not knowing how to do the craft very well the blood sucking mosquitoes come out with a vengeance. LOL! But, in the end all the girls eventually got their barrettes done and helped eachother and they were so proud to have made it on their very own. But, thanks Brenda!! :o) It was then time to leave and we would see them again the next day.

The next day we went to Destiny in the morning, but I will blog about them in a different post... right now I am going to blog again about SunnySide. This time the girls were going to come out in 3 groups because we were doing manicures and pedicures... we couldn't have all 150+ girls out at the same time. Let me tell you all we were doing with their hands and feet... with their hands we were, soaking their fingers, removing their cuticles, lotioning and massaging their hands, filing/cutting their nails, and then painting their nails and added a decorative flower on them if they wanted. With their feet we had buckets and we would wash, clean, and scrub their feet, file/cut their toe nails, lotion and massage their feet and legs, and paint their nails and add a decorative flower if they wanted. Let me just say... Feet our a HUGE deal in their culture... especially an older person washing the feet of a young person. HUGE! Every single foot that we washed was a HUGE deal. They would make a sound or gesture everytime we would start someone new. On top of the feet washing being such a HUGE deal we didn't have any towels to dry their feet with after being washed so some of us used our shirts that we were wearing... and that my friends about did it!! They were very uncomfortable... but we then explained it is okay... and that we wanted to do this and it was our honor... they then relaxed.

I was at the feet washing station the entire time at SunnySide and it was completely humbling. To even get a little glimpse at what Jesus did as He washed His disciples feet was so over the top. After each girl got her feet washed we went and dumped the dirty water out and refilled it with clean water and new soap, but let me just say the that water refill station was not close by. We walked to dump the water where the water pump was... this water pump was like what they had in the 1800's, and then we carried it back. The Lord truly was with me while I became tired. He rejuvenated me with strength to continue to love on these girls. By washing 300 feet and painting 1500 toes while at SunnySide I think I can speak for the entire feet washing crew (which was 4 of us) that it was a blessing to have the honor to love on them in a way they have never experienced in their entire lives.

I know this is a very long post, but I tried to make it to where you felt like you were there. I may not of done a very good job at that, but there was no other way. We were unable to take pictures at SunnySide, so that is also why it was so hard to explain. I hope you understand and got something out of this post because really washing this many feet at this one home has changed my life forever!

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