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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Merry Christmas, my friends! It was a wonderful holiday here in the Greene house! It was so nice not to have to do anything or go anywhere... well mostly because everything was closed and we couldn't. :o) It was a great Christmas and I will post pictures tomorrow.

I thought I would let you know what it going on... the Lord is doing some incredible things in my life (our life). You all know I am going to India in 2 days and the team I am flying across the world with is AMAZING! God really knew what He was doing when he put this team together (well... He always knows what He is doing!). I don't really know why God has placed me on this team... yes, I know... I love Him and we are all called to spread the good news... but why me? Why am I going to India? What is my purpose? I pray this will be revealed while there or when I return... but no matter what I know God has big things planned!

A few of us are going to have the opportunity to share our stories and I have said I will share mine... so the past week I have been trying to write it out and I think I have finished tonight. I pray through the testament of my story one heart will be tugged at... I pray the Lord will use my story or hard times to show a young woman there is always hope and love... a love that is indescribable. I pray they will hear that.

As I was writing out my testimony all I could think about were the people that were part of it all... some of them hurt me and some of them helped me, but it seemed like there was more hurt than help. Is that just what happens when you don't know the Lord? I have read it over and over and there is so much hurt that has really helped make me who I am today. One day I will share it with y'all, but right now I am not brave enough. :o) This will actually be the first time I share my story full and complete with anybody. So, if you would like to pray for me. I would really appreciate it. :o)

If you would like to pray more specifically for our India mission trip, feel free to use this as a prayer guide:

-Pray for the India Justice Ministry Mission Trip (12 Women) that leaves today, Jan 1-12, to minister to women/girls caught in brothels in Kolkata, India
-Pray for the women/girls of these brothels to be delivered and come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior
-Pray for the team as they teach sewing and jewelry making skills as a alternate form of income
-Pray for God to use the presentation of the Jesus Film to touch the hearts of each woman/girl with the gospel
-Pray the team’s eyes will be open to needs and they will be bold beyond their comfort zone
-Pray for the team’s safety as they move around on the busy streets of Kolkata
-Pray for team members Kay Smith (leader) and daughter Kaytlin Norman, Brenda Debor and daughter Lauren, Jana Soroski and daughter Rachael, Sterling Greene, Barb Willhoit, Jill Fields, Kim Torti, Janet Caldwell, and Christine Smith.

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Julie P. said...

I will be praying for you! It is so wonderful to see God using you and your story...and in India! Wow!! I have vivid memories watching the Trulocks bring you and Bob to church and seeing you learn and grow! I can remember standing behind you in church and praying that you would become a Christian when you first came. Amazing to see all God has done in these past 10 years!!