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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The past few weeks our Pastor has been preaching on LOVE... "What's Love Got To Do With It?"... EVERYTHING!!! I have been consumed with this lately... because I am wretched and I don't deserve this unconditional, undying, unfathomable LOVE that my Father gives me every minute of every day. But, even though I don't deserve this LOVE... He is shows me grace and mercy and LOVES me no matter what.

The reason I don't think I LOVE well is because I judge... for some reason I feel like I have the right to judge and look at people the way God has all authority to do. That is so not right!

Another reason I don't LOVE well is because really... deep down... I believe I am better than the next guy/women.

One other reason I don't LOVE well is because I have blinders on...

So yes I do this... if we are truthful we all do it at some point and this breaks my heart. I pray the LORD changes my mind and thinking to how He thinks and sees... I want my heart to break for what makes His heart break. I want to LOVE without anything blocking my LOVE... I want whatever is blocking it to disappear... I want to have and share the LOVE of Christ.

I know I don't do a very good job... I know I hold back when people are in need, but I am trying. I am trying with everything in me to be more LOVING and think of others before myself, but it is so HARD! It is HARD to LOVE the unlovable... maybe it is HARD to LOVE the unlovable because I am unlovable. What do you think?

Maybe I am being to hard on myself, but this is how I feel... I don't LOVE well! This is a HUGE weakness of mine. Lord, consume me of your PERFECT LOVE.

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