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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Heart is Rejoicing

Hailee has been growing her hair out for Locks of Love for a while... we found out in August that it wasn't quite long enough so we waited. Hailee really wanted a feather extension, so I told we would get her hair cut in November after her birthday party (she had a Rapunzel birthday party... she had to have long hair) and we would get her a feather for her birthday.

Well the day has come and Hailee had about 7 inches that she could donate to Locks of Love for a child, who didn't want to be bald because of a disease. This day has made me very aware of Hailee's heart and how giving she truly is... I had a glimpse of her future and what I will be praying for here on out. I am thankful for this child God has given me...

Before... this gives you an idea how long it really was.

Half way there...

She was so proud.

Hailee loving on her sister.

What a precious child of God.

I have been in tears today just because of the sacrifice she has made for someone else. This is something she has been anticipating for a while and to give on the day she should be receiving just made me feel so much honor for being able to call her daughter. I got a taste of how our Father feels when we do things for Him and take ourselves out of the situation. I pray I will never forget this day and the feeling I felt throughout. Praise God for creating Hailee!

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Christi Brown said...

I LOVE her haircut! It suits her to a T!