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Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade

Today was the Greene School's first day of school. Very thankful for the Lord and what he has called our family to do. Of course there are plenty of days that are so hard, but there are days like today that out way all the bad days. The days when things flow so well, the days I helped Hailee learn to read and now hearing her read is music to my ears, watching Heidi tell me her letters and counting... words will never describe how my heart feels during these moments and the only One who will understand is my Father (and of course my fellow HS moms). Praise God for those people who make the curriculum and those who put free HS activities out there to share with others all over the world! Here are a few pictures of our day...

I made a special breakfast... LOL! Actually Bob went and bought a special breakfast for our first day 1st grade... DONUTS!!!

Breakfast of Champions!!!

Heidi working hard using her roll paint... and yes it got on her PJs. :o)

Hailee working hard on her math... sitting at her new desk and in her new chair.

Our school room. I am beyond thankful for this house and the space it has for our family. It is still is major mess but things are beginning to come together. ;o)

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