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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Few Fun Things Goin' On

Here are the few pictures I promised from the last post I posted. These are a few pictures I have taken through our busy month. Sorry their aren't more, but like I said we have been busy. :o)

Last Wednesday we went to a small water park as a reward for Hailee finishing her reading/phonics curriculum. It was a lot of fun! Here is Heidi with "Ray". She loves these mascot type things... she is always running up to them giving them hugs.

Hailee looks thrilled... doesn't she? She never has been one that cares for these mascots, like "Ray". She just sat there keeping an eye on the tubes we had while Heidi danced with "Ray".

Here Heidi is dancing with "Ray".

Here she is again... dancin' away...

Here are the girls eating their expensive ice cream from the ice cream man.

Heidi got a Dora the Explorer ice cream and it was melting so fast.

Here is Hailee enjoying her Bubble Gum ice cream. Yes, she was posing. :o)

This picture was taken in our old house while Hailee was at Aunt Camp. Heidi loves glasses and posing with them on.

Heidi got this dog thing that came with these green glasses. She ripped the glasses off the dog and put them on herself and got on her rockin' horse.

You go girl!!!

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