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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where's the Sun?

When it rains... it pours...

This has been another crazy week and half... let me just say it is NOT easy to buy a house these days. There was none of this craziness when we bought this house 4 years ago. It was so easy! But... oh my... I have no plans to sell or buy a house again... God willing. Of course, if my God almighty has different plans then yes there will be different plans on our part. LOL! On top of this whole house situation and them wanting more money and more proof of different things... our A/C went out last Monday thankfully we were already dealing with our home warranty and an A/C company checking our A/C the week before, so it wasn't very hard to get everything lined up to get a new A/C unit. I am very thankful for our home warranty because it covered the majority of the cost. Praise God! Then this weekend we found out our garbage disposal had a crack in it, so time to replace it as well. Garbage disposals aren't much, but it was just another thing to add to the list. Then Monday morning Bob left me a note (he gets up way earlier than I) that the dishwasher was broken. Nice! One more thing... the Appliance guy came out to check out what was wrong and the pump was not working and we would need a new one. Nice! What else could I say, but replace it. LOL! It is almost to the point where I am going crazy (Bob too)... there is nothing we can do! LOL! Praise God for his provision and giving us the funds and the people to help us. I feel blessed in that part of it all. Do I like to go through this "suffering"... no, but I do like the growing and the trusting in the One that matters.

So, this evening I was cleaning up the kitchen and I was informed (by Bob) that they are trying to get us to close on our new house on Friday, July 29. HaHaHa!!! Yes, the craziness and crazy laughs are coming out again. Half of the house is packed, but the other half is not packed. LOL! I have a lot to get busy with... on top of this I am watching to news and it looks like we might get rain from a tropical storm on Friday. LOL! I think I should just go to bed... what do you think?

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