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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pain in the Unknown

I haven't written about what is going on with our house, because 1. I have been overwhelmed by it all, 2. It hasn't gone as planned and to be honest I feel a little embarrassed (not quite sure why I feel like this), and 3. I am hurt, mad, sad, impatient, and once again overwhelmed. So, I am going to start from the beginning....

So here in Texas (not sure how it works where you are) you have an option period of 5 or 7 days (I think). The option period is when you have the inspector come out to inspect every inch of the house and then negotiate back and forth on what you want done. The buyer for our home, his option period ended Monday, July 4 and our option period on our new house on Victoria Lakes ended Wednesday, July 6. We scheduled our inspection on our new house on Victoria Lakes on Wednesday, June 29 and we had it done. We kept waiting and waiting for the buyer of our house to schedule an appointment to have the inspection done, but never heard from him... until I got a knock on the door Friday, July 1 at about 1:00 pm. I had absolutely no idea they were coming! It was naptime for Heidi and we were not prepared to leave our home. I told the inspector this and he called the Realtor. The Realtor completely forgot 1. that she had to call the showing company to schedule an appointment and 2. that the property was still occupied. Personally, that is something you just do not forget when you are a Realtor. Anyways... thankfully the inspector was able to reschedule for Saturday morning. Talk about last minute... especially with a holiday weekend.

Saturday, the inspector came out and he did his thing. We got a call from our Realtor when they were done, so we knew when we could go home. After she told us we could go home she said "I just want to give you a heads up... the inspector spoke to the Realtor briefly about the inspection and the inspector said there were sever foundation issues." I was shocked! That wasn't even an issue we were worried about... foundation! Anyways... my mind wouldn't stop. I wanted to take action, but we weren't going to have the results of the inspection until Sunday. Nice... right? Fourth of July weekend... for you foreigners... our Independence Day... the birthday of America. :o) I had to take action, so we decided to call foundation specialists to see when the soonest they could come out. I called 4 specialist and I either left a message or spoke to someone to find out that it would be 2 weeks before someone could do an estimate.... finally I called the 4th specialist... He could come out Monday, July 4. Praise the Lord! I wanted to do more, but that was all I could do. Let me just say there has been a lot of praying.

Sunday, we were supposed to get the inspection report... the day went on and no inspection report... the day continued on and still no inspection report. Come to find out he hadn't even given it to his Realtor. The buyer was holding onto the inspection report... not sharing it with us, so maybe we could discuss and negotiate. We continued to be in the unknown... not knowing how the buyer is feeling or what he wanted to do.

Monday, 4th of July... the foundation specialist called and was coming out at 4:00 and I was instantly on the phone with our Realtor to let the buyer know that he was welcome to come out when the foundation guy comes out. So then our Realtor calls back and lets us know that the buyer is coming out and he was completely consumed by the foundation issues and the A/C (our A/C is old but still works just fine). He was scared it would go out on him... blah blah blah, but he still wanted to push on and continue to pursue our home. I felt good about that... I felt good because it made me see he had some attachment to our house... just like I am attached to the house we are going to buy. So, 4:00 pm began to roll around... then knock knock knock... the foundation specialist was here 30 min. early. I got on the phone immediately to let everyone know what was going on. Our Realtor was coming out to be there for the inspection as well. The inspector told us there was a little foundation issue BUT it was not severe and it wasn't going to cost us much to fix it. Our Realtor got there heard it all (the inspector retold what was going on) and then I said "The buyer should be here soon." Then I was told he wasn't coming. The inspector left and we all went inside to discuss what was going on. The buyer was backing out... yes, you heard it right... to make a long story short we decided to 1. fix the foundation (of course) and to get the buyer back we would 2. fix the A/C- hoping to be able to get it bought out by our home warranty. So, our Realtor called the buyers Realtor to let her know what we were purposing and to let the buyer know. She called back about 30 minutes later and he was back on board! We extended his option period 1 day so, they could get the contract all drawn up for us to sign. Oh by the way, everything has been going great and smoothly with our home we were buying on Victoria Lakes.

Tuesday came around and all day our Realtor was checking her email and checking her phone and didn't hear anything. Around 3:00 pm I got an email that was forwarded to me from my Realtor from the buyers Realtor and it was a list of 12 other things he wanted on top of the foundation fixed and new A/C. Bob and I were disgusted! We were so done with him, but we still wanted our house we had falling in love with on Victoria Lakes. As we were trying to take in this list and how he was trying to nickel and dime us for every penny... the buyers Realtor emailed our Realtor and said she would like to know if we were going to do everything on the list and if she should get the amendment paper typed up or the other contract (meaning the termination contract). We were mad... so we came back to the buyer with our negotiations. 3 options for him to pick from... he came back a few hours later and backed out. This wasn't a negotiation this turned into a demand list (on his part).

Truthfully, I feel sick by all of this... we lost the house I was dreaming about... the house I felt the Lord had waiting for us. Thankfully Wednesday when our Realtor called the Realtor on Victoria Lakes and told her about the situation and how we would like a little more time... the Realtor for Victoria Lakes went to the sellers and they gave us 5 more days to find a new buyer for our house with no charge. What a blessing... right? So, that is where we are now. Our house went back active on the market yesterday and yesterday we had 2 showings. Praise the Lord! We have heard back from one (not interested), but we haven't heard from the other Realtor (only time will tell). As we wait... I am sad... sad about a house (yes I feel stupid about being sad over a house)... I am mad... yes, I am mad at the buyer for backing out and I am mad at God for hurting me and my family with this whole situation. I have been praying and praying and praying for this whole situation.... praying for His glory and trying to give it to Him. Praying He would use me and this new house to whatever He wants it for. I just want to do His work here on this earth. I felt like I have been doing what he wants (maybe not always perfectly or it may take me a while to give something up)... maybe I am wrong. I am just sad and hurt!

Now I wait... wait for what God has planned, but I am waiting in sadness and in anger. Don't get me wrong... I know God does not always bless us in the way we think He should, but I truly thought with every being in my body that this was His plan. Maybe it still is... maybe I need to just be patient, but it is hard when my heart is hurt. Then I turn this hurt around and think it is so stupid... I think of people in Uganda and other countries, who are starving and don't have the shelter over their head like we do... I think about people in Asia and other countries, who are living for Christ and doing His work and living dangerously for Him. Here I crying and angry about a house. SO STUPID!!! But, this house was going to be used for whatever he had desired it for. GOD, WHAT DO YOU WANT OF ME? I AM HURT AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS... HEAL AND SOFTEN MY HEART, LORD. LEAD ME ON YOUR PATH. BLESS ME BY WHAT PLEASES YOU.

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Misty said...

You are so right to share your true feelings with God. He can take it. He doesn't call us to not feel, but to not sin in those feelings. You are taking the hurt and anger to Him, exactly as He would hope for you to! I'm praying for your situation!