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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A glimpse of His plan

If you have been following our housing situation... you will know it has been a rollercoaster ride. I began to question if God even wanted us to sell our house, but I had peace about it. Why would I feel one way one moment and feel another way another moment? I think the feelings just came on with my emotions. Praise God for his perfect provision of all our lives!

Last week, we sat and waited for people to come and look at our house. We had 2 different showings on Tuesday, July 5. It was a good day! We all had high hopes for God's divine plan, but as the week went on there were no more showings.

Sunday, came around and still no showings. I still had faith... I knew God had something planned, but who ever knows what it is... right? This could have been a plan to refine me and to teach me to completely trust in Him. I was learning to be on board with this thought... no matter how much it may hurt or be hard to just let him take care of it. Sunday evening, I called our Realtor about her new idea. They were trying to think of anything and everything on how to get our house out there. The first thing they thought of was a flyer... they would send it out to every Realtor in their ReMax office they are in (100+ Realtors) and let them know all this house has to offer. Then she brought up the idea of leasing our house. Yes, leasing... who would ever thought. Bob and I tossed around the idea and it began to seem possible. We were going to have to change loan types and go from an FHA to a Conventional loan... this meant more money down... Yikes! We kept thinking where all this money was going to come from... luckily God had this all planned out. I am not going to get into the details, but I am going to give God all the glory and praise for this one. :o)

So Monday night our house went active for lease. Crazy?... maybe? We qualified for the loan and all was good. An hour after putting our house up for lease our Realtor had a call from a lady who was ready to turn in her application... before she even looks at the property. The next day we had 5 people come look at our house and 3 applications turned in. Praise the Lord! With in 24 hours we had 3 potential tenants. Wednesday... we had 5 more people look at our house as well. That evening we sat down and went through the 3 applications from Tuesday and we picked a young couple that had moved from Austin to Houston for work. The young lady had called our Realtor that day because she was eager to know if we had picked a tenant yet... we ended up picking her, so when we called her she was happy and they were going to sign the lease agreement Friday night. I asked my Realtor "Why we didn't do this from the beginning?" She said "If we did this at the beginning the house we are wanting to buy wouldn't have been up for sell." So very true! God has this perfect plan and I am at complete Awe!

Now we are to pack pack pack... we close on our new house August 10 or sooner and the tenants of our house now are moving in August 12. I can't wait to see what else God has planned for our journey. :o) Thank you for your prayers.

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