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Monday, June 13, 2011


Lately my thoughts have been consumed by God's sovereignty (I hope I am using this word correctly). There have been different situations going on lately and through every situation I have been reminded through friends how sovereign He is. Then it makes me think about how love sick our sovereign God is of us. Yes, things happen in our life that hurt so bad we question His goodness, but He continues to always be there to hold us up and collect our tears... He is never changing.

I am overwhelmed by the unspeakable name of God. I shouldn't even be able to speak His name because of my sinful self. I am not deserving to speak His name... but because of His sovereignty, grace, and mercy I am given this freedom and opportunity and He loves me just the same. I have been given this insight (if you will) of my nasty sin that I do EVERY SINGLE DAY... I repent more and more everyday and I am more aware of this unpleasing and sadding of God's heart. Not that I will ever know how I displease Him, but I am thankful for the Spirit which is convicting but comforting all at the same time.

I have been looking for this Bible verse that I came across the other night, but CAN NOT find it (so irritating!). I have been so determined to find this verse, but still can not. I keep thinking it was in 1 or 2 Timothy, but I just can not find it. Anyways... so now I am trying to find the 2nd most perfect verse, but then I have realized there is no such thing. They are all PERFECT!! His word is unspeakably wonderful perfect loving and full of comfort.

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