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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sea World- God's Creations

Last weekend we went to Sea World and I couldn't stop thinking about God's beautiful creation as I looked at these beautiful creators.

I love this picture. This dolphin thought I had more food because the reflection of my camera.

Beautiful eyes.

Hailee and Heidi waiting to watch a Sea Lion show.

Waiting to watch Shamu.

I was amazed by how high these enormous animals could jump from the water. So powerful!

Daddy and his girls.

I LOVED feeding the dolphins!

My favortie marine life mammal... the Beluga whale. The most beautiful animal!

Look at the Beluga whale puch his trainer. Love it!

Daddy helping Hailee reach the tall spots to restrict the water from coming down.

Heidi and daddy with their cheezy smiles. :o)

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