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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preschool Lapbooks

I am completely in love with 1+1+1=1. It's the most wonderful blog that provides all kinds of FREE preschool "school" work for Heidi and Hailee enjoys doing some of the activities as well! Here are some pictures of Heidi with her 2 lapbooks she has completed in the last couple of days. She LOVES having "school" work to do, so she can be just like Hailee. Enjoy!

Heidi putting away her alphabet cards in the pocket.

Here is a picture of Heidi's first lapbook. All about Dora :o)

Heidi reading about Dora and Boots. She looks at the pictures and tells me the story.

Heidi's second lapbook about sea animals. I was totally impressed that she new her numbers.

Here she is telling me how many sea animals are on the page.

She is VERY proud of her work!

Hailee is working on a sea creature lapbook as well, but her book takes a little more time. I will post pictures of it when it is completed. :o)

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