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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ocean Lapbook

This is the lapbook Hailee has been working on for the last couple of weeks. I will say she did learn a few things... she learned about creators that live in the tide pools, she learned about her 5 senses... well really that they are called your 5 senses LOL!, she learned about sea gulls, and we did a science experiment yesterday on salt water and fresh water and which one an egg would float in. Pretty nifty! And to top this all off it was FREE from This is the BEST website ever because it gives you FREE ideas and instrustions on how to liven up your homeschooling. Anyways... I hope you enjoy!

Here is the inside of the lapbook

Hailee recaping what she learned about Sea Gulls.

This was fun and I look forward to doing another lapbook soon.

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