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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Living Dangerously

I have said before that I feel like my calling is for the lost... to speak the truth or read the truth along side them. To be a light of God in darkness. I yearn to live dangerously for the Lord. I wonder what the Lord wants of me... Does He want me to be dangerous here in my hometown? Does He want me to travel to other nations and be dangerous for His Truth there? I have so many questions... I truly believe the answer is "YES!" for both.

I need to put myself out there more in my community. I wonder "How?"... for instance we (my family) are going out Sunday after church to give the homeless water... not just any water... COLD FROZEN GALLON JUGS!! It is so hot here in Houston! Just going in and out of a store takes your breath away and you begin to sweat. A friend of mine came up with an idea from the Spirit as she was riding her bike in this heat and was dying of thirst. She then emailed a few of us to see if we were interested in providing water and delivering it to the homeless. Praise the Lord for her and how in-tune she is to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

I have felt for a while now that I want to go to the nations and spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, but not really sure where to go from here. Actually it is more than a "I want too." it is more like I feel the pulling and tugging to make it happen... but I also feel a little apprehensive. The reason for this post is because I watched a video that a pastor from our church put together. Click 'here' to watch it. So beautiful and it stirs something inside of me.

If you would like and don't mind... pray for me. Pray the Lord would reveal what He wants of me and give me the discernment to understand His leading. Thanks so much!

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Anonymous said...

I am praying for you sweetheart that you find what fills your heart with joyful giving.