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Monday, June 27, 2011

He blows me away...

God has (and always) been doing amazing things in our lives these last few days and I really really want to share and bring Him the glory. Not quite sure of His master plan... of course, but I know He is up to something.

We have had our house on the market for 5 months! I was beginning to grow very weary and began to doubt what I thought God wanted from us. On Thursday, I started a book study at our church and the book I am reading is called Radical by David Pratt. I knew this book was going to help me by giving me a boost to live my life in a radical way, but of course I was scared. On my way home (after our first meeting with the book study) I was asking God if we were supposed to keep our house on the market. I told Him I was growing weary and just could not do it anymore. As I was in constant thought of the house and Him I realized I hadn't checked my phone to see if anyone had called (always have to check for missed calls when your house is up for sale)... so I checked and I had 12 missed calls! All the missed calls were from my husband, Bob and the showing company that calls to confirm the appointments. I quickly called Bob and he told me the house was being shown a 2nd time. I was in a panic because the house was not at all in showing appearance (beds weren't made, dishes in the sink, dog in the house, etc.). Bob told me it didn't matter... it was the 2nd showing! Well of course it doesn't matter to a man, but it surely mattered to me! LOL! Luckily, I was able to run in the house help our Realtors (who are friends of ours) chase our dog out into the backyard, make our bed, and pick up a few loose ends. I felt pretty okay by the appearance. I left... it showed... an now we wait...

During naptime/quiet time (in the middle of the day after the showing) I was able to begin reading the 1st chapter of Radical and couldn't put it down and I began to sob at the end of the chapter and prayed...

"I commit to what ever You say. I say yes to the words You will speak before I even hear them. I commit to obey to what I hear. I want to know You. I want to experience You. I want to be part of a people who delight in You like the brothers and sisters in underground Asia who have nothing but You. And I want to be part of a people who are risking it all for You. For the sake of more than a billion people today who have yet to even hear the gospel, I want to risk it all. For the sake of 26,000 children who will die today of starvation or a preventable disease, I want to risk it all. For the sake of an increasingly marginalized and relatively ineffective church in our culture, I want to risk it all. For the sake of my life, my family, and the people who surround me, I want to risk it all. In the process of hearing You, Jesus, I am compelled to take an honest look at my life, my family, and my church and not just ask, "What is he saying?" but also ask, "What shall I do?".

This prayer scared the poo out of me and that is why I sobbed while I prayed, but it felt good to give it up. Who knows what God's plan is, but I know if I continue with His will... we will be okay.

We heard nothing all day and night about the 2nd showing... until 10:30 pm my realtor called and said we had an offer! All I could think about was... Praise God! It was a very low offer ($12,000 lower from our asking price), so we went back with a counteroffer and did that one more time and the buyer accepted an offer from us that met right in the middle. Praise the Lord!!!

So, next was attack mode! We went out on Saturday in search for a new home for us to live in so we wouldn't have to be homeless. LOL!! We looked all day!! Then the last house we looked at was PERFECT!!! It was exactly what we wanted and needed and it is in a beautiful neighborhood. The house was only on the market for 14 days and there was only one other person that had looked at it and there was talk they were going to make an offer. We rushed out of the house and quickly went over to our Realtors house and they submitted the offer. We knew we had to beat the other buyers, because we knew the seller didn't care how much you offered to who they would pick to work with, but all that mattered was who got to them first with an offer and WE DID!!! We put our offer in and got confirmation that night that they had accepted it and were going to sign the contract to get the ball rolling. Praise the LORD!!! We close in a month. Nothing can ever get in the way of His master plan.

The house has 5 bedrooms... it is awesome to have all this space and not know what to do with it all... but my thoughts are what is God going to do with those extra rooms? He has a master plan and I have already said "yes!" so, now it is time for Him to work on Bob's heart to be on board. I know nothing is to big for my BIG God!

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Congrats! What neighborhood?