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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tears of Joy

I had to share to good news. Do you remember the young lady I told you about that I have been talking with through Global Media Outreach? If not, here is the story. Well our conversations have been going very well. Here is an update on her and her journey...


My email account is giving me a bit of trouble, the entire computer is giving trouble i think its viruses. Hence the reason for the reply of an old message.

Happy Mothers Day to you. I know its one day after but still to me, everyday should be Mothers Day. As pertaining to my Family. I couldnt love them any more. I guess an do believe we all say things when we're angry. It amy not always be right, but we always regret it no matter what.

I love them no matter what, and they all know that. Things are great. My mom had a great day yesterday, my family came together as one and it made me smile with no ending. I would really like you to meet them one day. I havent told anyone about you as yet, well except God. He alone knows.

I keep you dear and close to my heart, as one of my own. I sure do hope you had a great day yesterday with lots of love.

Accepting Jesus into my life, has made proud, sincere, it has made me open my eyes, heart and mind to life. He has made me unstoppable, unafraid and true to him. There' nothing that comes my way, and i cant deal with it.

When i was with my previous boyfriend, i clung to him. And everytime we had arguments, i kept on running back to him. I felt like love was everything, and he was the one. But God opened my eyes, to his way. I read in the testament, that men and open before marriage not even suppose to touch each other. You know when you sit and think about all this, it makes sense.

When two people are getting married, you hear the pastor say ' you may now kiss your bride'. Thats sacred in God's eyes, and should be kept that way by both man and woman. The Lord God only wants what's best for his children. Which parent would look down on their child and lead them in the wrong direction. God' way is the best way.

As such, ive decided to keep his way and follow it for the rest of my glorious life, now and even when i meet him. The next relationship i enter, which i know is not anytime soon, this is how its going to be. Ive made some new friends, and lost some old ones because of my decision. But i do know that the road to righteosness may not be easy or the simplest way ahead.

Ive accepted him, and is heading towards glory, and im taking everyone i love with me, including you.

Have a great day my friend.

I am completely over joyed and feel overwhelmingly (is this even a word?) blessed! God has done miracles in this young ladies life. She has chosen Him and I am sure the Lord's heart is bursting with joy. Praise be to the glory of God forever and ever!