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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prayer for Heidi

I haven't shared this on my blog, so some of you know but some of you do not. Heidi has been having stomach pains everyday through out the day, diarrhea (of and on), and a little vomiting since I was in Israel. It has been 2 months of this. We have been going to her Pediatrician since I got back from Israel and we have done all kinds of tests and they all come back negative. We have had 3 different tests done on her poop, blood tests, and ultrasound done and NOTHING!

A week ago Friday I took Heidi to the emergency room because Heidi's tummy was hurting her so bad and it was hurting for 3 hours. Of course when we got to the ER she was better. LOL! We continued... she actually still had stomach pains the whole time we were there. The blessing of that visit was we got the bloodwork and ultrasound all done at once. But, nothing really came out of the visit... which is good... nothing life threatening is going on with her, but no answers.

Here is a picture of Heidi and I laying in her bed watching a movie in the hospital.

Next is an appointment with a pediatric GI on Tuesday. I am hoping for answers or some kind of direction on what to do now. Even if we have to eliminate almost everything from her diet and gradually add things back in. I am all about trying to figure out what is causing my baby so much pain.

If you would like to pray for Heidi I would really appreciate it. You can pray for comfort and healing for her, pray for the doctors and their wisdom and knowledge that only God can provide, and pray for God's will and His perfect plan. Pray for Bob and I as we go through this... pray for our strength and unity during a stressful time of the unknown. Thanks so much, friends. Shalom to you all!

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