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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learning about... Forgiveness

I am learning... learning about forgiveness. This is an everyday struggle. A struggle to be obedient, loving, and compassionate through every circumstance.

If you didn't know today is my birthday and it started off rough. I upset someone by not even knowing I upset her until she kind of ripped me a new one. Maybe she was tired or irritated by someone else, but in the end I was the one that hit her breaking point.

From the very first part of my day today (when I was getting ready this morning) I was reminded about boasting about myself (to myself) and self-seeking gratification. I started this day off thinking about all these things and struggling with and then I got my butt kind of chewed out and all I could think was "This is not all my fault!" "She should have called me!" "She should have let me know earlier so I didn't caller her so late!" "This is not my fault at all!". We didn't really talk this morning and you could tell there was something between us not right. I began to feel bad for my thoughts and was brought back to this morning and remembering thanking the Lord for my salvation, the breath in my lungs, and for His leading. I felt like crap! I was self-seeking AGAIN! This was not about me, but her. I needed to apologize.

Before, we left I apologized... I sincerely told her I was sorry and I didn't not mean to upset her. And you know what... she was very thankful and forgave me. WOW!!! He brought me down to remind me how He forgives me every single day and I could at least be understanding and forgiving towards a friend, a believer, and another creation from the Creator.

I love learning these tough lessons, because I know it brings me closer to Him, my Father in heaven and that is all I want to do until the day I die.

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Meadow said...

Very encouraging. thanks!