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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Never Ending Conviction... Now I Am Free.

Since returning from Israel I am filled up... filled up to the overflowing point. I was completely filled with peace, love, and faith. I am on fire for my Father! But, now I am feeling like a lost sheep. I know my Shepard is near I can feel Him, but for some reason I can't hear Him.

Last night Heidi (my youngest) was up crying off and on and after I got up with her to console her I was wide awake. I could have come in the living room turned on the light and opened my Bible, but instead I headed back to bed and asked the Lord to reveal someone I could pray for while awake. My name was instantly put in my mind... I was thinking "Okay God whatever." So I prayed for myself and then moved on to a few others I began to think about and prayed for them. Then this morning I was overwhelmed by convictions that I had not tended too. Does that make sense? The Lord has been revealing to me a few things I have been needing to change in my life, but keep putting off or justifying it in my mind. One of those convictions was getting rid of our cable TV. I keep thinking "Everyone (not really everyone) has cable why can't I have cable." or "I don't watch the bad stuff, so why can't we keep it... I think we can." When I woke up this morning I felt very uneasy and knew what I had to do.

After school this morning I call Dish Network and canceled the cable. The cable people I talked to were very confused why I was disconnecting my cable and kept asking me if I just wanted to down grade or if I had billing issues and if i did they would give me $10 of my bill for a year. LOL! (funny huh?) I said "No no no... we have been satisfied with Dish Network, but decided we didn't need it anymore in our home." They left it at that and said okay.

All I can say is it felt good to be obedient. It always does feel good, so why do I push so hard against the Lord when I know He has a good reason for everything He tells me to do. I just don't understand why my flesh has to get in the way when I love Him so much and trust Him. Very irritating! :o)

There is one more thing that I am dealing with but not quite sure how to write about it, so I will be writing on this topic soon but not right now. I need to pray about it and figure out what the Lord wants. If not said correctly it could really hurt people and that is not what I want and that is not what we as believers in Christ are called to do.

Until then my friends... Shalom.


Christi Brown said...

well said my friend. i will get you that book tomorrow! sorry today got away from me!

Ellen said...

Good for you Sterling! Sometimes it can be so hard to do as the Lord has asked us to do, but, with His help, it is possible! Thanks for sharing this piece of you with us!

Ellen said...

Now, I want to say thank you for this post. It has helped to nudge me. The Lord has been telling me to do something for a while now but I have been pretending to not hear Him. I will be obedient to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
Thank you friend!