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Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Prayer

Dear Lord,

I am consumed by the thought of what You have for me. I want it so badly and I feel I am ready. Maybe that is the thing... maybe You know I am not ready.

I am ready to dive in to helping build Your kingdom and glory. But, what and where do I go with this? Lord, I need the discernment and clarity that only You can give.

I am struggling. Struggling with the lost. Struggling with the right words to speak to them, with love. I want them all to know You and call You Father, but they make it so hard. I pray for their faith and to just take You as perfect as You are. I pray their hearts will be softened to hear Your still small voice.

I am saddened for the hurting. So many hurting these days. Lord, give me compassion and the never ending love for them. Give me the words to pour on them as they hurt and I pray You would comfort them with those words.

Lord, I am HERE and READY!! My cup is overflowing. Overflowing to the point where I have plenty to share and love on others. Put me in that "uncomfortable" position... where all I can do is lean on You. I love you so so much!

In Your strong loving name, Amen.

1 comment:

Christi Brown said...

Love it! Love you.."Be still and wait.." It is hard!