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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Would You Say??

Hello Friends. As you all know I am an online missionary with Global Media Outreach and I have been talking with this young lady for a couple of weeks. I am going to share with you what she has written to me and if you are interested think on her words and what you might say to her in a loving manner.

Here is the first time she wrote to me...

i am not a christian. i was born into a hindu family. a lot of ppl though in my family are hindu's an christian. that is why id like to get to know Jesus. i also have a christian boyfriend and he inlightens me on most an wat is needed. i do not believe in discriminating any other religion. as i believe that there is one true he/she just appears in different forms...for the convenience of everyone and every kind....if im going to be dealing with you then i do not in any way expect you to be dishonest or against any other religion. if that relationship cannot be established then we have no other choice but to terminate our main purpose of this is to obtian knowledge on Jesus Christ.

What I loved about her is her bluntness (I can relate) and how she was straight forward with me (no messing around). That is what I am about. Now remember she does not have the Holy Spirit but, I believe she is being lead... I feel the Spirit is stirring.

Here is her second email....

Sorry for the delay in replying.....i understand you and what you are trying to say......i believe in him, i trust him, i pray to him.......but at times i temper up an the Devil instigates me into doing wrong, and i may have given into that.....i do apologise for my wrongs.....but i want to be able to not listen to the Devil.....i want to make right decisions for God....

In this email I was puzzled by her words and yes, I questioned her about when she said "I believe in him, i trust in him, i pray to him...". I know there is something bigger going on here.

Here is the third and last email (up to date)...

I will pray for them as you requested.....but in the only way i believe that they accept God and trust God in there own way....whichever form they prefer. Being a Christian, HIndu or even a Muslim is not about the different God/s, its about showing God how much you appreciate, and love him/her. There should be such a word as religion, cuz that one word is what is bringing everyone down to ground, and very few are seeing that.

True believers in God, dont have time to criticize other religion, as they are to busy praising God. The God that they can see. All God/s are the same. He / She just distributes theirself in many forms for the various languages and cultures of the human and non-human kind. Why cant you see that. Everyone worships in his / her own way, and thats all God asks. That you honor him/her buy acknowledging them and following their way, and to me thats what should be done.

Sooner than later it will come to effect, that God is there and true in one form. And then we will all see who had time for God or who had time to fight over him. God doesnt need your help more than he needs your understanding. The day you start to believe and think like me and many others, thats the day you truly have God in your life.

WOW! Right? But, you know what... I felt total peace on how to answer this... I prayed and Father gave me the words to respond. It was very lengthy and I may share later but, I would like you to think on this. She is not the only one out there thinking like this... there are TONS and it is our jobs as believers to tackle it. I am planting the seed and praying over her and now it is up to her to listen and take action to believe. I know He is moving... swirling around her. I can see it. She is searching.

I would love to hear what y'all would say to this sweet blunt young lady. :o)


Christi Brown said...

Wow! Isn't that just what satan wants us to believe? That it is all the same? God is whoever you want him to be?

She doesn't get the most basic concept and that is that there is only one true God that is over ALL other gods. And there are a lot of other gods! They are not the same. He requires way more from us then they do and He is the only one that gives grace and mercy to us. He is also the only One that sent Jesus to us to give us eternal life. And because of Jesus there is NONE like Him.

I will pray that Truth will permeate her mind and the hang-up on religion would disappear. It is not about religion. It is about Jesus! And that is what she is hung up on. You notice she never mentions Him. Only God.

Good for you, Sterling!

Aims said...

I am proud of you for the way you are opening yourself up to answer these tough questions, Sterling!

As for what I'd say to her, I think I'd ask her to comment on how one god in different forms can have such varied messages. Each religion has a belief system that is different from the others. They are all set apart in some way or another. To me, that doesn't speak to one god simply in different forms. It would be hard for me to serve a god who held different truths for different people. I would never know if I was on the right path.

I was reading my Bible this morning and ran across a verse that made me think of your post. "You have wearied the Lord with your words. But you say, 'How have we wearied him?' By saying, 'Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and he delights in them.'" --Malachi 2:17