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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

more Changing...

It is so amazing to me EVERY single time God speaks to me or changes me. It just blows my mind! He loves me so much... He gives me the strength to follow His ways. Like I have said before... He takes my breathe away...

I made a promise... not any old promise... a promise to my Father. I promised Him I would fast from coke (any kind of soda), chocolate, sweets, candies, cakes, etc. for Him. I gave it up until my Israel trip in the end of March. I am amazed at the restraint He has given me... yes, I may want it but, He has changed how I think about sweets. I don't think I will ever be able to ever come close to thanking my Father but, I can love Him. Love Him like He deserves to be loved. He deserves all of me and I pray as I grow in my faith that by the end of my life there will be nothing 'standing' in my way.

I am in tears as I think about how much He loves me. It is all consuming and that is what I pray for.... that He would change my heart for what breaks His... that He would change me from the inside out. I want to exuberate Him! (does that word even make sense?)

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