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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


All I have to say is... WOW, God is teaching me some very important lessons for life!

I am learning to totally lean on God for EVERYTHING, because really He is in control of EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING... from my lying down to my sitting up. He is in control of our house selling to finding us our new home. He is in control of my friendships and how life goes with them. I have to lean on Him and trust and have faith in His leading and give it all to Him. I mean ALL of it to Him. If I keep any of it for myself... I will continue to have problems. He is the only way.

Life is so much easier giving it to Him but, I make it so much harder when I fight it. I am learning and I am being transformed and molded into what He wants and I guess that is really all that matters. All that matters is that His light is shining through me and that it is bringing Him glory. That is what my life is all about.

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