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Friday, February 11, 2011

God in a box

Just a little while ago I was talking to an old high school friend. Actually we knew each other in junior high too. WOW! I feel old. LOL! We were messaging to each other on Facebook and he was saying how he has been reading my blog. First, I was surprised because he lives a pretty busy life but, it was very encouraging to me that other people read my thoughts rather than just me and my family and friends. LOL! You all who I don't know or I haven't talked to in a while... Thank you for reading. It makes these thoughts not feel so empty. LOL!

Back to my God in a box... remember my last post I told y'all about Global Media Outreach? Well it has taken over my life and thoughts. I am totally taken away by God and what He is doing all over this entire world!! I have taken Him out of my little box I had Him in and let Him fill my life. He isn't just over here in the United States. He is all over the WORLD! My God, your God is in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Johannesburg, United Arab Emirates, New York, India, Ethiopia, Trinidad and Tobago, Missouri, Algeria, Florida, Saudi Arabia and this is just naming a few. These are all the places people have written to me from... all of them searching for God. All of them wanting a closer relationship with the One bigger than them.

As I am on this journey, I have taken God out of my box and I have put Him EVERYWHERE! He is in everything and moves through everything no matter how BIG or small it is.

I want to share one relationship I have formed through GMO. A young lady from Johannesburg wrote me saying she had not accepted Christ but she was wanting to know more... she was searching. She knew something was out there bigger than her and she knew she wanted to be part of it but, I don't think she knew how. I wrote her back and prayed for her and told I was here for her if she need to talk to someone. A couple days later... SHE WROTE BACK!!! This is a big deal because there is a low percentage of people who write back. Anyways... she was asking questions and God has been pouring into me. She wrote 2 emails to me that day and the second one was that she accepted Christ. I have never been part of something so wonderful (well besides my own salvation) but, helping someone else know Christ as well... I am without words.

We have talked since and talked about her struggles and such and again I gave it to God to talk through me. He never lets me down and I pray this young lady will learn that too as she grows in her faith. I just can't believe I was part of something that will forever change her life... not just her life but, all the lives of the people who have written me.

I pray I will continue to bring my Father in heaven much glory as He works through me and brings His lost sheep home. This is such a wonderful opportunity and I am so humbled that I am part of it. If you are considering stepping out of your box and letting God out of the box you put Him in... consider joining Global Media Outreach. It is life changing!

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Misty said...

God is doing amazing things through you friend!!