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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Building His Kingdom One Country at a Time

I have been wanting to blog about this for about a week but, held back until I actually began.

I want to make an impact in the world of God's love, but don't really have the ability to go to the nations and spread it... since I stay home with the girls and financially we aren't able to do that right now. I always felt lost in this... wanting to do something but what?? Then I was introduced to Global Media Outreach. I first heard about GMO on KSBJ (a local Christian radio station), then my friend Andrea was talking about it to me, and then I read it on our Missionary Pastor Omar's blog. This sounded like something I have been felt called to do. So I signed up, got through the first part of my training, and now I am activated.

I am now in training to be an Online Missionary. Global Media Outreach is an organization that helps people recommitting their life to Christ, people accepting Christ for the first time, and people searching, etc. I have wanted to be part of something bigger... something making an impact in the Kingdom and now I can do it! I can talk to people all over the world and let them know I am here for them. I pray for these people. I am bringing glory to God! What else is life about? Nothing else, but bringing Him glory!

I have received 4 emails from people all around the world... 2 Nigeria, Middle Eastern country, and USA. I have responded to them and wait to see if they will write back. If they do... AWESOME!! I look forward to sharing their journey with them. If not, I will continue to pray for them and God's leading. I am so pumped!

God is doing mighty and wonderful things! I praise Him for this opportunity for spreading His mighty word!

If you are interested, go check out the Global Media link. You can also go 'like' them on Facebook. Much Blessings!!

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