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Monday, January 24, 2011

Set Back or Step Forward

If you don't know... Bob and I are putting our house up for sale TOMORROW!!! We are very excited and anxious. :o) This is something we have been wanting to do for about a year now. Things are moving along nicely and as things move along smoothly I have this constant peace that this is God's will. I have had my hopes set on moving to the country onto some land in a big house. I found this house on the MLS listings in Houston and instantly fell in love. We did go and see it and came to the conclusion it was going to need a lot of work. I am the type of person who sees the brighter side of things and see potential. All I can say is I saw potential in this fixer upper. Bob... well not so much. He said he liked the house, but it was set up funny and there were these corky things about the house. I agreed with him, but still loved it. I continued to pray about this house and I think I was really praying that this was the house for us and praying that God would bless us with this house. Bob and I continued to talk about this house and we never really got anywhere because 1. I loved the house and 2. He didn't love the house. So, today while I was cleaning floors I was praying... I prayed that whatever He has for us I would follow. I meant it and I gave it to God no matter what the outcome. Well, Bob came home tonight and he told me when the kids went to bed he wanted to talk about the Falcon house (the house I loved). The kids went to bed and we talked... Bob had another plan... move out of this house into another home that we could sale in 3 years and make some money off. In the mean time we will save save save and be able to get more land, barn, and better house in a few years. I really REALLY didn't want to give up my dream... but I knew this was God. I feel peaceful.

Now, we are looking at houses that weren't even part of our plan, but there are some very beautiful houses out there. I am very excited to see the house the Lord has all picked out for us.

I am so amazed how God has changed my heart and my life. I love how He is moving and molding me into what He wants and that I am bending at ease for Him. I love my wonderful God!


Esther said...

Being moldable, is to me, the most freeing place to be with the Lord. But, I find myself not staying in that rest more than I would like to admit.

Aims said...

Girl I can SO relate to this post! When we started looking for houses here, I found one that I just KNEW was the right house. As negotiations started falling apart, I prayed over it and gave it to God. I called that house my Isaac. I gave it to God, but in truth I was kinda hoping he'd give it back to me. Well, he didn't and now I know why. I can't imagine not having all the amazing neighbors we now have. The Lord not only knew the right house for us, but also the right neighbors! I know he has a plan for you guys as well and I am proud of you for putting yourself under His direction in this!

Anonymous said...

God's plan has always been better than what I imagined I wanted. When we were buying our home I was crushed over the homes that I wanted, but did not get. I now see why God put me where he put me just as Aims does. I will be praying for your family during this exciting yet stressful transition!