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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I decided it was time to update my blog. I loved the heading of my blog before, but the kids have grown, I have changed (spiritually and physically), and Bob... well he is the same. :o) It was just time for an update. These pictures were taken by my friend, Lyndsay. They are our yearly family pictures we get every fall. Isn't Lyndsay good at what she does? :o)

I have grown so much... in ways I could never explain. Only God knows how my heart and inward thoughts have changed and that is really all that matters. I feel so good on where my life is going and how the family is closer than ever.

God is spilling out everywhere showing me things I need to fix and change, but I totally see the goodness out of it even though it is so hard to do. Change is so hard. He is teaching me how to just go with the flow and to let go. God is already in control before it even happens. He is preparing me for new things to come... I just know it. And it is all unknown, but I have total piece about it because I am going with the flow. :o)

I hope you enjoy my new look.

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Julie P. said...

Cute blog design! I noticed that Hailee's Lilypie ticker says she is 10 months old though...might want to change that! lol