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Monday, December 13, 2010

T.M.I. or just total coolness??

Okay... I have been debating about this post but really feel like it is so cool. Sorry to all of you who will think this is to much information. LOL!

As I prepare for the Israel trip in April I have become very at ease with some things I was anxious about and a little uneasy. Such as... the food, sleeping arrangements, showers, and the list can go on. I know all of this doesn't matter and I will be taken care of, but one thing I continue to ponder on is... well.... my once a month 'friend', my period. I DO NOT want to be on my period while traipsing around Israel. The last thing I want to worry about is my once a month 'friend'. God knows this has been one of my concerns because 1. I have brought it before Him and 2. I have been thinking about this and going on and on about it. I had total plans to talk to my O.B. about this and ask her to help me with my 'problem'.

So here is the coolness... My 'friend' comes to visit at the beginning of every month (yes right at the time I would be in the middle of the wilderness) and I knew this was going to be a problem. But... for some reason my 'friend' wasn't visiting her normal time... of course my first thought was.... "I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!". That would just be ridiculous because why would God have me be with child if His plan was for my to go to Israel in April. No way!!! I knew I was not pregnant but still had that thought race through my head. So I waited... if I was pregnant (which I knew I wasn't) I would just wait and if I was not pregnant (which I knew I was) I knew God had a reason for this. I began to ponder what was going on in my body... since I WAS NOT pregnant I began to wonder if my POS (polycycstic ovary syndrome) was back... then I thought "NO WAY!". I have lost 30 lbs. that is a good thing and POS should not be in the picture. I then had crossed pregnancy and POS off my list. I knew this was God... I knew he was answering a prayer. He is beginning to prepare my body for this adventure. My 'friend' came to visit on the 11th instead of the 6th... yes, totally the coolness of God. I knew it was Him... He is getting me ready for the trip of my life. To prepare me for what He has in my path int he future. God is so good!

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Vic said...

"T.M.I. or..." haha! Love it! Not sure if it was T.M.I. for everyone but it IS a really good thing right?