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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last night I was invited to go have dinner with an Israel guide. This guide has lead and taught Pastor Brian Haynes, who will be leading my Israel trip. Yes, my Israel trip... I have total faith that God will provide and have total peace that this is His will. So, it is my Israel trip. LOL! Everything I have been told about this experience is everything I have been expecting. I was told I will come home yearning to study and read God's word. There won't be any... "Oh... I have to read God's word." There will be excitement and it will come alive. I want to be renewed... I want to have new-life in my new-life. I just cannot wait to get there...

I am scared though... that I won't be able to put it into words... that so many will want to hear about my experience that I just won't know how to explain it all. I am planning to journal on my adventure and maybe that will help with me explaining what my 'new' eyes have seen. I still pray God be glorified through it all whatever the outcome may be... but He is providing funds for my trip to the most Holyland and this I am very grateful for.

Another fear I have is that I will want to go again and again and again... I know I will want more. I guess I can't be greedy... and if it is God's will He will make it happen. I know He has mighty plans for my life and I feel this trip will have a lot to do with His wonderful plan. He is so mighty, powerful, loving, merciful, and total light. He is my light and I can not do life without Him.

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