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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sewing Projects

Some of you know about my new hobby, sewing but for those of you who don't know... I have taken up sewing. A few years ago my husband, Bob got me a Kenmore sewing machine. I really enjoyed sewing and I sewed curtains for our house, but after that I had to put it up because I had no where to keep my machine. I never got my machine out again until a month ago. I decided I was going to start making my children cute clothes that people charge a butt load for. I told myself "If they can do it... I can do it!"

So, off I went to Hobby Lobby in mid-November and bought fabric to make both the girls skirts. I had an idea in my head on what I wanted to make. I really didn't want to use a pattern, but thought I should check them out. In the end I didn't get a pattern... I knew what I wanted to do. So, I went home and got excited about my new adventure. LOL! Here are the 2 skirts I made...

This is Heidi's skirt. I actually made hers second and learned what I should and shouldn't do from the mistakes I mad on Hailee. :o)

Here is Hailee's skirt. I did make a few mistakes but in the end I think it came out okay.

I took a little break after Thanksgiving, but the machine was still out and waiting for me. FINALLY I got to work again and made a tree skirt. I had a few issues but again it all worked out... EXCEPT my machine decided to act up at the very end. I was in the process of sewing the Velcro on the skirt (so that the cat doesn't go sliding around on the skirt and then we would have to bend down and put back like 20 times a day) and my thread kept breaking. :o) I finally gave in and took it into a sewing store... well they didn't fix Kenmore machines. So I was going to have to take it to another sewing store that fixes all machines. To make a long store short I bought a new sewing machine because the Kenmore machine I had wouldn't be worth getting fixed. So I got a beautiful Elna sewing machine and it is wonderful. Anyways... here is a picture of the tree skirt.

Now that I have my new Elna sewing machine I decided to start my first quilt. I have begun and it is looking great, but I am not going to post pictures until it is complete. I am so excited! I want to thank Mindy, Quilting Queen for all her help (so far).

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