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Thursday, December 2, 2010

He already knows.

Lately, I have been focused more on God. I feel like my heart has been more in line with His than ever before (this is not saying much because I still have things I am wrestling with), but my thoughts are more around Him. I have been repenting more on things I would have never thought I needed to repent before. Things that I thought were just normal... things that everyone struggles with. If everyone struggles with it then it is not a sin I need to worry about? Right? So very wrong.

I have been praying that God be glorified through me actions, words, and attitude. That His thoughts would be my thoughts, His hands be my hands, His feet be my feet, His words be my words. I have these desires to be totally transformed forever and ever. I have desires I don't even know are desires, but He already knows. I sit hear in my own tears... not even knowing what these tears mean... desperately wanting Him to take my life and let it be all for Him and His glory. But, somehow this world creeps in and I let it ruin the desires of my heart. I don't live for this world... I live for bringing glory to my Father, the Most High.

So many things I am wrestling with and so many things I don't even know what to do with. But, I do know... that He already knows and I have faith in Him and His path/adventure He will lead me on.

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