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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost in Today's World

We all get lost in today's world. We want the new in thing or we want more of something... we are never fulfilled with what we have. I am just as guilty with wanting more, but I think I will have to say my wants have changed a bit... I want more of God. I want what He wants. I want to do what He wants. I feel very content with what we have and I will have to say it isn't as much as most and occasionally a catch myself wanting my house to look cute or bigger, etc. But, really... I am good. (Except our kitchen faucet which I am about to throw out the window, but that is another story all in its own).

I was brought to Jeremiah chapter 2 today and as I read this chapter I felt like it was speaking to me. I felt like as I was reading this chapter it continued to point towards today's world in the United States. Our country and it's people are so lost.

I have talked to a few people that I don't normally talk to lately and religion and God came up (mostly due to my Israel letter). Their views are totally messed up. They have their own view on God and put Him in a box. They get so lost in what is important to them here on this earth they forget about who made this place they call "home" and they forget who made them. There is so much more to living here and believing in something bigger than you. It is all about living every single day doing, saying, thinking, breathing Jesus. I feel like life here is all about striving to be more holy like the One who made us in His image. It is not about doing things every once in a while in His name or being His hands and feet when we feel like it... but it is all about doing it all the time!

My reason for wanting to go on this Israel trip has been questioned and that is fine. People have the freedom to ask or question me all they want, but when I begin to be questioned about my reasons for going on this trip... it begins to hurt. I feel like I very bluntly put it out there... I want to get as close as possible to where Jesus has been, I want learn and read the Bible and watch it come alive, and I want to be changed forever when I come home to my family. I continue to feel the peace of the Holy Spirit regarding this trip and I know this is His will for me.

All I want to do in this life is grow closer to the holy One and bring Him glory in all I do. I do have my struggles and am not anywhere close to where I know I need to be, but I am trying to concentrate on Him and what He wants for me and my family. I would have to say that is a start.

I pray that this world and the people in it might get a glimpse of it all. Read the Truth and have faith in God's wonderful plan.

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