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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Power of Prayer

*Warning- I did not proof read this blog post.*

I have talked to all of you about my BFF, Lyndsay and her son Aidan. I have told you all how sick Aidan is and how none of the doctors knows what it is that is making him so sick. His symptoms seem to get worse and intensify. Lyndsay and her husband, Ben took Aidan to see a specialist is Illinois last month and it was useless, pointless, and a waste of time. He couldn't help them because Aidan doesn't have the constant symptoms of OMS. Ridiculous! Anyways... Lyndsay took Aidan to the ER a few weeks ago about because Aidan couldn't walk. He wasn't paralyzed, but he couldn't put weight on his legs and couldn't keep them straight. The doctors couldn't do anything... they said it was a virus and they just had to wait it out. To make a long story short... the next day he began to walk a little more and the next a little more than the day before. Aidan continues to have balance issues and issues inside. It seems like his little body is falling apart and gradually giving in, but Aidan continues to fight. He is a strong little boy and very strong heart... and I think it has a lot to do with his Momma.

This day has been good. I feel like prayers have been answered. Today Lyndsay went to see a doctor who specializes in movement. Come to find out the doctor also is a Neurologist. Praise the Lord. She was sweet, concerned (not to concerned to scare Lyndsay), and very thorough. She pulled out Aidan's chart and spoke to Lyndsay about things... asked her about things other doctors hadn't been concerned about. This Neurologist is now specifically on Aidan's case. Praise God! Aidan had a lot of blood taken today to check for all new things that could be wrong and causing Aidan's body to fail. So now we just wait until these test come back.

Another huge reason why today was so great is that our church was having a prayer meeting and asked for anyone who has been ill to come and be prayed over and be anointed with oil. As soon as we walked in that room I felt the Lord's presence. He was there in that room. It was so powerful. Aidan got prayed over by the power of holy words, he got scripture poured over him, and love and encouragement was spoken to Lyndsay. It was an amazing night. All these people that have been praying for Lyndsay and Aidan could put a face with these prayer requests and Lyndsay had a chance to see just a glimpse of who was praying for her and Aidan and hear these wonderful words from so many people. God was glorified tonight! He is so powerful and so able to heal Aidan. We are praying Aidan begins to be healed tonight and that God would completely heal this little boy. He is so worthy!

God is in control... and I need to seek Him more. I need to be obedient to His word and His whisper. He is so worthy of my obedience and I need to continue to remember He is way bigger than me and totally in control of all this chaos here on earth. I love my God and I feel it deepening more and more. My God is greater... stronger than any other...

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