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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Jig is Up

I guess... "the jig is up" phrase is not right because it means the trick is over. But, I have been messing with some of you and I love it. LOL! Anyways... here is what is going on...

I after an adventure... an adventure I feel I am being called to do. Here it is...

Dear family and friends,

A year ago, I had a stirring of my heart to take a trip to Israel that our church, Kingsland Baptist, goes on every year. I knew this was something I wanted to do, but wanted to make sure that this was God's will and not just an earthly desire of mine. I have prayed about this opportunity and continue to feel the push of the Holy Spirit that I am to continue to pursue this spiritual adventure. I have been praying for each one of you and the reaction you may have to my request.

First let me share my desire to go on this trip. I want to go on the Israel trip and learn and see with my own two eyes what the Bible speaks of. I want to walk where Jesus walked, I want to stand where He spoke His holy words, and I want to be in awe of the holy land I read about. I want to breath in the air and walk through the wilderness; I want to experience the culture and the people. I want to be in view of God with all distractions out of the way. On this trip we (the study group) will be studying as we hike the rocky terrain. We will sit under trees in the wilderness to cool off and study and read more of God's wonderful word. We will stand in the very spot miraculous healings and words took place. We will see things we never thought we would ever see and feel the Holy Spirit consume us in new ways.

I know this sounds like an earthly vacation, but really these are desires of my heart to grow closer to holiness. I believe the love I have for my Father will grow and develop more strongly then I could ever imagine. I know I will come back to my family with more love, compassion, long-suffering, and fruit to share with all. I pray that this trip won't just impact me, but that it will touch everyone I meet. I know I will have a different outlook on life because of the trip to Israel. I pray my family would have a change of heart from what I have to share from going to Israel. I want my eyes to be open and change how I love people, how I speak to people, how I think about people, how I raise my kids, how I love my husband, and how I praise and worship my Father.

I am sending this letter to ask for your help. While Bob and I both agree I should go to Israel we just simply don't have the money. Bob and I are committed to contribute $500 (but will try for more) to the trip which costs $4200. Your sponsorship in the form of a financial contribution will make it possible for me to go to Israel in April 2011. The first payment of $1000 is due on December 31, 2010.

If you are willing to help by sponsoring me on this trip please send a check to the church (address below), made out to Kingsland Baptist noting: Israel Scholarship for Sterling Greene. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. If you have questions feel free to call or email me or email Brian Haynes, a pastor at Kingsland that will be leading the trip, at .

I will be sending an update in the beginning of next year on how God is working in my life and how everything is coming together. I pray this letter finds you all well and pray you feel the desire of my heart through these words.

20555 Kingsland Blvd.
Katy, TX 77450

Much Love,
Sterling Greene

Most of you have gotten this letter, but some of you who just know me through this blog now know what is going on. God is changing me... changing me from the inside out. I still have a lot of work to do, but know going on this trip will make a drastic dent. A Godly-dent and who doesn't want that? Oh... how I love Godly adventures!

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