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Monday, October 18, 2010

God or Coincident?

Before I became a follower of Christ I thought everything was luck or coincidence or even karma. Nothing else... but since I became a believer and have been growing in my faith I know it isn't luck or a coincident... it is ALL God. Nothing else!

I see or hear of things happening and I know it is nothing else, but God. My husband, says "That is just our luck." (more times than he should) and I just tell him it isn't luck... just life. There are good and bad times in life, but God is there through it all and that is the time He either wants you to cry out to Him or praise Him.

The reason I am blogging about this... "God or Coincident?" is because I have things stirring inside of me. Some of you know of my spiritual adventure that is stirring in my heart by the Holy Spirit (more on this subject in a couple of days) and with this adventure comes the hard subject of finances. Through this one little struggle I feel God has His hand in it. Today I was kind of offered a "job" but a "job" that would allow me to continue to stay-at-home and homeschool. At first when I was introduced to this oppurtunity I was thinking there is no way. I have no time for anything else in my life, but then began to think of how this could benefit me in my spirtual adventure.

I then went to the Lord in prayer and asked Him what he wants me to do and asked Him to lead me through this. I told Him I don't want to do anything He doesn't want me to do.

God is the One alone, who knows the desires of my heart and knows the struggles I hold inside. He alone is the only One who can help. He is my Helper and my Strong Tower.

Again, this was not a coincidence, but it is God moving and showing me... He does hear me and loves me. He is jealous for me and wants me to want Him and Him alone.

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