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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking with a Just Cause

Yesterday was the busy day but, what an amazing day! First, was the 5K run and the family walk and it was amazing. I believe God was truly glorified by that day! 300+ runners and walkers registered for this cause and rose awareness of the injustice in our own community. I hope Satan was angry by what we did yesterday and I hope he heard every foot running and pounding on the pavement. (Pastor Alex said the most beautiful and powerful prayer yesterday before the runners left) I pray we will become more aware and the money the church raised will make a HUGE impact on sexual slavery and human trafficking right here in Houston and around the world.

Here are Heidi and Hailee before the race began. Heidi didn't want anything to do with the camera. As usual.
Bob had a great 5k (3.2 miles) run! He ran it in 21:42. Yes, he runs on a normal basis. He told me while we was running he had the first place man in is age group in eye sight. I was like "Why didn't you sprint and beat him?" He told me there was no way. LOL! We had a great day and the girls did great on the walk.
Then the last part of the day was spent at Tot2Tot and it was a huge success. They had over 4000 items to sale and I am sure the girls had a doubt in the back of their mind... like what if people don't even come and shop. Well, they did! And it was a great day for my 3 friends. They are all very dear to my heart and are great inspirations. I am so very proud of you, Misty, Valerie, and Amber! You girls rock!!!
On another note... there was not even a plan to write about this but, I thought I should. In my last post I wrote about how I was over-committed but, I knew it was where God had led me. I feel even more strongly that this is true. Before I started to write this blog I checked my email and there was an email from First Class, the Co-Op Friday classes where I signed up to teach a class. Well the email said they appreciated me volunteering to teach a class but, that they didn't have enough kids sign-up to take it. At first when I read it I felt like crap and thought "Well, that was embarrassing." But, now as I am thinking about it... I know this was God. I believe I was supposed to sign-up to help but, it was His plan for it not to work-out. Does that make sense? I did what I was supposed to do and He carried the rest of it out. I am totally fine with it and I will probably sign-up to teach again if this is what the Lord wants.
I just thought I would share this because it humbled me and blessed me. Just another lesson learned from my God, who is very very awesome and wonderful.

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