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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unending Love

Aidan had his scan today and it came back COMPLETELY CLEAR! He is completely clear of having neuroblastoma. He does not have cancer. God has heard our prayers and healed Aidan of this nastiness. He has protected Aidan and held him close. God has been and is in control all the time.

I may sit here questioning Him... wondering why He hasn't healed Aidan... and question His hand in all of this but, he knows better. He knew I would question Him and He knew He would show me how great He is. Even though I questioned Him I continued to trust that He was in control but, He knows my heart and thoughts... that yes, I continued to trust and have faith but, there was still that question, unsure, and doubt in the back of my mind... He knew that.

Even though I questioned Him (the One greater than I) he continued to pour His love out. He continued to show He was in control. And now... I feel like I fool. You know why I feel like fool?? Because I know better. He has been by my side before through my own storm. He loves me more than I will ever EVER know. It is unending love....

Maybe I will know when I see Him one day AND I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THAT DAY.

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