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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today's Unknown

*Warning* I am not proof reading this post :o)

Today, I met up with my friend, Lyndsay and her 2 kiddos Troy (5) and Aidan (almost 3). I had bought everyone a little something and was excited to share this with the 2 little boys. I bought Aidan a Sleeping Beauty little figurine set with Princess Aurora w/ a dress that comes off, the 3 fairies, a vanity, and little bottles (for P. Aurora's perfumes). Yes, Aidan loves this stuff so I bought him what he loves :o). I got Troy this Transformer thing. Don't ask me anymore details on this toy because I couldn't tell you. All I know is that he loved it (once he got it). I got these 2 gifts for the boys for how good, brave, and happy they have been.

The girls and I get to the park and I am getting everything together and getting everyone out of the car and I go and slam all the doors shut and leave my keys and everything else inside the van. Yes, I locked my keys in the car.... and yes, we do not have a copy of the van key. Fan-freakin-tastic!!! It's okay... I didn't freak out. I just had to sit back and wait for Lyndsay to get to the park so I could call Bob at work and see if he could find me a locksmith. I am not very proud of this moment but is a girl to do.

So, Lyndsay and the boys get to the park and I tell her and of course she helps me out :o). I was so happy to see the boys and yes, Troy was eyeballing me for his surprise (he needed a little boost of confidence to get in the car to come see us). I told him I was sorry but I locked the keys in the car and EVERYTHING was in the car. He didn't care he still wanted his Surprise! LOL! Everyone went and played. Aidan was doing great. He looked like he was ready to have a good time. He did all the things he loves... even chasing those squirrels. The child loves to chase squirrels. Crazy! LoL!

Everyone was playing great and then the last 20 minutes Aidan came up to Lyndsay and you could tell something bad was not going to be happening. She picked him up and walked away and asked him if he was feeling bad and they went to the trash can and Aidan threw up. After that it went down hill. Mean while... I am waiting for the locksmith to come and unlock my car. It all seem to work out at the same time. Lyndsay got Aidan in the car as he uncontrollably threw up and I had the 2 big kids over by my car as the locksmith arrived. You could tell troy was not leaving without his surprise.

$145.00 later... Troy got his Transformer toy and loved it. We talked about what it turned into and then he said "Thank you.". He is a sweet sweet boy. I told him this was for being such a good boy while Mommy was with Aidan in the hospital. He just smiled with that grateful little smile I love so much. I gave Lyndsay Aidan Sleeping Beauty toy and I know he will enjoy it later. As I was shutting Troy's door He said (something like) "Feel free to get me army men next time." LOL! Love that kid.

Lyndsay is very worried about Aidan. She hates to see him like this and not being able to do anything. She called the neurologist and spoke to the nurse to find out medicine she can give Aidan right now. If he doesn't stop throwing up they will have to take him to the ER for fluids but, other than that there is nothing the doctor people can do until they get tests back. Please continue to pray for Lyndsay, Ben, Troy, and Aidan. Lyndsay needs strength and discernment, Ben needs strength and the presence of the Lord to consume him, Troy needs the love God can only give, and Aidan needs healing, pain relief, and to be comforted by his Father. There are so many things you could pray for for this sweet family. Thanks in advance :o)

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