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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spiritual Gifts

Last Sunday we talked about spiritual gifts in our ABF class (adult bible fellowship). I have taken a spiritual gift test before through our ABF but, I don't remember what they were. I know what I am good at and that is usually helping others in anyway I possibly can. Sometimes I feel like helping others is such a burden (I am so selfish) but, when I finally do it and am in the middle of it... it starts to feel good and knowing I am really helping them out.

I decided to take a random spiritual gift test (check it out here) and here are my results...

Score Spiritual Gifts Scripture Reference
78% Hospitality Acts 16:14-15
78% Faith Hebrews 11:1
67% Servant/Helps Acts 6:2-4

I thought the test was kind of difficult because I don't know how I am with things and what others think. A lot of the questions started with "I" and I just never feel comfortable about boasting about myself because, I may feel like I am good at one thing and really others may think I stink at it.

It goes back to what our ABF was talking about on Sunday. Some people may think their spiritual gift is teaching but, the people you are teaching to may think you are horrible at it. That is when feed back should be brought in. But, if you are giving feed back and it is not being taken in to consideration and totally ignored... then there is a problem.

I would prefer to be told something (in a loving way) rather than think I am great at it and then people talking behind my back. I mean come on... Okay I am getting off subject...

I pray my spiritual gifts would come more natural to me and I would feel more comfortable to take on whatever the Lord throws my way. I pray I would continue to have a willing and obedient heart to do His work and be His hands and feet here on earth. God has a mighty plan for my life and yours too.

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Christi Brown said...

Something that someone said in our class was to look at your spiritual gift not as a talent of gift but as an anointing. Because really that is what it is.

When we are living in the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to use us we will bear fruit. When we are in the Word and allow the Spirit to use us our anointing (gifts) will show.

We have no control over them. All we can do is actively seek the Lord and His Spirit will guide us and put us in situations were He can use us best.

What it all boils down to is that our spiritual gifts have nothing to do with us personally per say but everything to do with our OBEDIENCE and our WILLINGNESS to let the Spirit use us!

Okay done with the preaching! Love ya!