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Thursday, September 2, 2010


This has been a rough week for us.

Monday, Hailee informed me she didn't like school. She told me she wanted to go to school down the street and not homeschool. I asked her why she didn't like doing school with me and she said she didn't like it. Later she told me it was hard. I told her it would be hard no matter if she went to school down the street or if she did school here. I also told her if she went to school down the street she would come home with homework and I would have to help her with that. Of course that didn't make since to her because she is 5. But, when she told me she didn't like homeschool it broke my heart because I try very hard. I go out of my way and do things I wouldn't normally do. When she said that it made me question God's plan.

School on Monday was horrible. There were tears and unhappy words. That is all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, was a little better but, not great. We had a talk again on why we were homeschooling and this is just what we are going to do. I told her we need to get over this unhappiness and work together and be cheerful. LOL! No one cried but, still it was a rough day. We pushed through and got it out of the way.

Wednesday, is our no school day because, this day is full and craziness. So, why fill it to the max and make a fun day into something unhappy. Hailee had her riding lesson and she did wonderful. As Hailee was starting her lesson... Heidi and I went up to the car to get something I forgot. When I say up... I mean up. Hailee's instructor lives on a hill and to get to the barn you have to go down this hill (which I think is pretty steep). Heidi wanted me to carry her and so we were on our way down the hill. Then... my right ankle totally gave out and bent to the right and I lost balance and was going down. I fell on my right knee and couldn't do anything but drop Heidi (I tried to not drop her). Anyways she was fine... me on the other hand not so fine. My ankle was kind of okay and hurt just a little bit but, my knee on the other hand... HURT! It was just scrapped but really... when was the last time I fell and hurt myself... yea a long time. I felt nauseous... not from blood or anything... just from the pain. LOL! I know crazy. Heidi was crying and I had to console her and try to make it down the hill with a broken ankle (LoL!). It wasn't broken but that is all I could think about. We survived and watched Hailee ride. After her riding lesson we went to playgroup and played at SugarCreek Baptist Church in their Playscape and everyone had fun except my pain was getting a little worse (oh and the playscape is free!!). We got home and it was nap/quiet time and I sat with my foot elevated and iced. It hurt! Then off to church we went... dinner, WAM, and then home for some more elevation of the foot and icing.

Thursday (today), has been great! I woke up with the swelling down alot on my ankle and it didn't hurt to walk on it. School this morning went great and Hailee read "The man has a map.". No tears just a lot of high-fives. Now we are sitting around watching Monsters Inc. while I ice my foot. Since I woke to an okay foot I am going to go to my riding lesson today. Not sure how much I will be able to do but, I will never know if I don't try. LOL! Wish me luck :o)

No one ever told me homeschool would be easy and I know we will have our hard days but, if this is what God wants us to do... then I can only do it with His help.

I came to the conclusion why this week started so rough... all her little friends started kindergarten and when church functions started back up on Wednesday everyone was probably asking all the kids how their first day of Kindergarten went. All Hailee got to do was sit there and listen to all of their "great" times. Then in her new Sunday school class it probably happened all over again. I know it has got to be hard because I know it was hard for me listening to all my friends sending their little ones off and hearing off all their little ones fun stories. Of course she wants to go to school where all the wonderful stories are coming from. All will workout because I know this is God's plan and I pray that Hailee one day will realize the wonderful works of our all-powerful God.

It will get better. It already is... Hailee knows we are doing something different and it is okay to do things differently. Because, usually when God wants us to do something "different"... it is only "different" to the world view. God's plan is not different... but really the world view is different from God's path and that is really what matters.

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Suz said...

It does get easier... I have been teaching the same group of kids Sunday school since they started Kindergarten (they're in 2nd grade now) and I have 1 homeschool kiddo. He was so shy in Kindergarten, and just didn't say much when the other kids would talk about school. Now he looks forward to his winter/spring/summer breaks just like the other kids. The other kids have never called him weird or asked him why he doesn't go to regular school like them. And because his mom keeps them on a calendar similar to KISD's, I can ask him things like, "Y'all starting school this week, too?" I have a private school kiddo, too, so she has different breaks sometimes and the kids just see it as similar to that.

Hang in there. It'll get better!