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Friday, September 17, 2010

Over Commited?!?

*Warning* I did not proof read this post. :o) Have a great day!!

I thought I would blog really quick before I run and drop all my Tot2Tot stuff off. I can't believe how much I have... uhhh! I hope a make some big money for our trip next weekend (I will talk more about this on a later date).

Okay... I have over-commited myself this year. I keep thinking what in the world happened... but then I remember that not all of this was me... I really feel God has led me to this oppurtunities to help others and learn for myself. Here are the things I have commited myself to...

1. Wedneday night WAM- I love doing this... I did this last year with my friend, Ely and it was such a blessing because I made a great friendship and a homeschool buddy. This year I wanted to do WAM again but,only really wanted to be with her. LOL! So, I am helping Ely teach 3 yr olds about Jesus and music. It is so wonderful!

2. 3 year old Sunday school- Yes... this is the year of 3 year olds but, it is working out so wonderfully because I know the 3 yr olds for WAM and they know me. They also, know me from VBS this past summer. I teach with a good friend, Andrea and I am loving it!

3. Small group leader- Our ABF really needed small group leaders to step up and no one was volunteering. I felt this urge that we needed to just volunteer... it wasn't going to be a big deal. We are going to meet with our group once a month for just fellowship and it can be at our house or it can be at someone else's house... whatever the group decides on.

4. First class- First class is a homeschool Co-Op. There is 3 1 hour classes and each kid gets to pick what they want to do. Well to help with cost the parents volunteer to teach a class for ages ranging from 2 yrs-18 yrs. Well I signed up (unexpectly) for a handwriting and drawing class. I know... scary! The kids will write 4 small sentences and then will be giving step by step directions on how to draw whatever the sentences are about. I picked this because it wasn't going to be much preparation on my part and really how hard could this be? LOL! It is turning out a little more difficult than I thought... but oh well.

I really have felt God's leading to every one of these activities and I know it is going to bless so many more lives. My complaining of being over-commited is just selfishness on my part but, I truly feel blessed to be able to be a part of all of these crazy activities. Each one is different and unique in its own special way. I just need to continue to see it that way and not let my selfishness get in the way of the many blessing this could have on so many. :o)

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